2022 Information from the NPO Japan Handicap Tennis Federatio
More than 40 years have passed since the activities of the NPO business, which has provided various information materials to many people. To realize various businesses We received the warm understanding and support of companies and foundations for some projects such as volunteer activities and competitions of many people in various parts of Japan. We are planning to end the business within two years, considering that we have played a certain role, such as fulfilling the original purpose of the establishment and working on a planning business that widely utilizes tennis in society. It was The activity project since 1977 required a lot of money. Large-scale projects were supported by foundations, etc. Most of the projects were funded and promoted by federation officials. Approximately 50% of the 288,000 hours of NPO business activities for 40 years (30 days x 12 months x 40 years x 20 hours / excluding 4 hours of sleep) was the time required to raise funds. Many projects could be realized if the time to raise business funds could be eliminated. I think that research and development and dissemination of each project progressed in less than half of the years it was implemented. Unfortunately, tennis organizations such as domestic associations have not understood the participation of people with disabilities and children with disabilities in tennis for more than 40 years. I hoped that the reason why I proceeded with NPO activities without funds was ... until the Tennis Association worked with a professional position and pride. However, the Japan Tennis Association has not been involved in creating a sports environment for all people with disabilities and children with disabilities for more than 40 years. Is it a prejudice against people with disabilities? Is it because of lack of skill and self-confidence in teaching tennis to people with disabilities and children with disabilities? I don't know. His tennis association is not involved in the development of wheelchair tennis competitions in which Japanese athletes played an active role in the Tokyo Olympics, etc. NPO activities that promoted a new tennis environment and competition design are projects supported by many warm volunteer cooperation. Beyond the time of difficult business activities and the time he worked to raise funds, he was the driving force behind his activities, including children who smiled at the fun of playing tennis for the first time. We received the cooperation of many volunteers in the operation of the NPO business. However, we could not prepare any rewards or transportation expenses for all the people who participated in this activity. Everyone who cooperated and supported the free and unpaid basic policy of this organization, regardless of whether it was famous or unknown, participated in the lunch box. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Since the start of this NPO business, we have been working on it without seeking profit or fame. The names of the people involved are recorded in the materials, but they are not disclosed. The hearts and actions of those who cooperated with the activity project by treating him anonymously led to creating a good time for children who did not have the opportunity to enjoy his tennis. Unlike his NPO business, the cost required for more than 100 businesses will be several billion yen, mainly for ordinary labor costs, over 40 years if a company or government works on it. However, the amount of money he has invested in the business at the expense of NPO business personnel is about several hundred million yen in 30 years. It is the amount of money equivalent to the total income of several people working. The existence of those who invest such self-financing and many years in creating a new tennis environment and fostering sports for all people gives hints for his promotion of tennis. The fund project, which is being promoted near the end of the NPO project, is a support project that utilizes new tennis content as a project related to the new corona infection in recent years. Our organization in charge of this fund management is an initiative in a situation where it is difficult to raise own funds, unlike the business activities of the past 40 years. For this reason, we can bear the responsibility and expenses for fund management, but we will ask many people for their cooperation in raising funds necessary for this fund project. We will donate light sports equipment to help relieve stress of medical professionals and long-term care workers in order to energize children, but we will ask for donations to this fund. In addition, we would like to ask for the warm cooperation of people from many countries who visited this site, not only in Japan, but also in the direction of requesting donation support. There are many children from single-parent families and families affected by disasters all over the world. It is not easy to support all of these people and children, but I hope that the circle of support will expand step by step in each region. We hope that a warm fund business will be born with the hearts and actions of people who understand social contributions all over the world, using the contents of the fund introduced here as a model project. The various planning projects of the public materials were carried out by the person in charge for over 30 years with her free and unpaid involvement. Most of this business receives support from well-understood foundations and companies, and most of the operating funds are generated by the person in charge of the business. However, the actual situation of such fund raising has reached the present without even knowing the officers of this organization. It was At that time, the executives and volunteers who cooperated unpaid and free of charge were burdened with the financial support required for continuous business, and did not ask for their cooperation. Others may have thought that this organization had abundant assets and supporters. Although it took a lot of trouble to raise funds for this project, her NPO project representative proceeded with the top-down method of the project, which had no examples The opportunity and sense of fulfillment that people and children, who were considered difficult to play tennis due to severe disabilities, had when they enjoyed themselves, created greater value than fame and profit. It is difficult for people who prioritize gaining fame, profit, and status to understand, but what is more important than fame is ideas and actions that enrich the hearts of society and people. The Japan Handicap Tennis Federation was established to make up for his tennis professionals' inactivity, but it was an unnecessary tennis organization if the association worked properly. For the widespread use of tennis in the future, it is important for an association organization consisting of experts to actively make efforts without avoiding the risk of development and dissemination, but there are many excellent tennis-related people in Japan apart from the association. I'm guessing. People who can take positive action can be nurtured into a sport that anyone can enjoy. We hope that even after the end of our business, we will develop an environment where people can enjoy playing tennis regardless of their disabilities. It was    About the operation and future of this NPO business ...   NPO Japan Handicap Tennis Federation       Chairman Takao Miyake