Information from NPO Japan Handicap Tennis Federation

It has been more than 40 years since he introduced various information materials to many people. We have received the warm understanding and support of companies and foundations for the volunteer activities of many people in various parts of the country and for some of the events such as competitions. We believe that we have fulfilled our initial goals and have played a certain role, such as working on a project that makes tennis widely used in society, and plan to end the project within two years.   Since 1977, the project has required a lot of funds. Large-scale projects received support from foundations, etc., and most of the projects were funded by federation officials. Approximately 50% of the 288,000 hours (30 days x 12 months x 40 years x 20 hours / excluding 4 hours of sleep) over the 40 years of NPO business activities were necessary for fundraising. We received the cooperation of many volunteers for the operation of the

NPO project. We were unable to prepare any rewards or transportation expenses for all those who participated in this activity. Everyone who cooperated and supported the organization's basic policy of free and unpaid, regardless of whether they were famous or unknown, participated with their lunches. "Thank you again from the bottom of my heart." The activities of this NPO project proceeded without seeking profit or fame. The total cost of over 100 projects over 40 years is several billion yen (*not including personnel costs).  Project dev20/21 Among them, the people involved in his NPO business paid about several hundred million yen in his 30-odd years. This amount is equivalent to the lifetime income of ordinary people. At that time, and even now, I think that if governments and general companies with financial resources were to work on the same projects as NPOs, they would have been able to produce them quickly and on a large scale. The hearts and actions of those who cooperated with his activity project while treating him anonymously led to the creation of a fun time for children who did not have the opportunity to enjoy his tennis.

The activities of various planning projects in the public materials are the contents that the people in charge have been involved in for over 30 years without charge and without pay. Many of the projects were able to receive support from understanding foundations and companies, but most of the operating funds were created by the person in charge of the project. The executives and volunteers who cooperated without pay or free of charge were burdened with the costs of continuing the project, but the organization did not have the necessary funds, and while promoting the fund-raising I have been working on various projects. Due to funding issues, the NPO business representative proceeded with the plan's initiative without a practical example from the top down. The opportunity and sense of fulfillment to see the smiles of children and people with severe disabilities who had difficulty participating in tennis created greater value than fame or profit. It's hard to understand for people who prioritize gaining fame, profits, and status, but what's more important than fame is ideas and actions that enrich society and people's hearts. The Japan Handicap Tennis Federation was set up to compensate for his tennis professional inaction, but it was an unnecessary tennis organization if the association functioned properly. I believe that it is important for an association organization composed of experts and others to actively make efforts to spread tennis widely in the future without avoiding the risk of development and spread.  

In the next two years, when this NPO project is scheduled to end, he will answer questions about his tennis social work, including the content of new competition development. In addition, he proposes various plans for the future use of tennis, and recruits members of the network that will make use of the contents to create a good local environment both in Japan and overseas. Member registration is possible from various countries and regions including Japan. Each exchange of information is mainly in Japanese and English, but he can use the languages of each country as long as it is possible with Google Translate. However, please understand that it takes time to exchange opinions because machine translation is used. For information exchange, he uses JHTF (Japan Handicap Tennis Federation) as the network headquarters secretariat. The secretariat email account is Registered members actively plan new tennis content (super tennis and super volley sound tennis) in their respective regions and environments, disseminate information on problems and good results, and further utilize his tennis content in society.

We will also provide information about the content when planning. By publishing good information on the JHTF website, he hopes that it will serve as a reference for those who are active in other regions, and that the exchange of information between people involved in tennis that transcends differences in nationality will develop on a global scale. . Members are encouraged to freely use the hundreds of materials and information that have been made public and play an active role in nurturing opportunities for everyone from children to the elderly to enjoy tennis in a variety of environments. About the operation and future of this NPO business... NPO Japan Handicap Tennis Federation President Takao Miyake