To support those who suffer from peace and evacuation life in Ukraine as much as possible ... There are those who are spending their time hard to protect their families and their lives, and those who protect her and support her evacuation. He wants to respect and support the hearts and actions of these people. She has various support methods ... I hope she can provide possible ideas and good information. The contents of support include life support and health support, but I would like to find a support method that considers the future living environment of the target people. Support begins with saving lives, support for meals and housing, working environment for earning income, environment for children to learn, and methods that help improve the quality of life. "Human kindness" is the most important support content required for people affected by natural disasters and war damage. Even if you are damaged by an earthquake or tsunami, by looking at it from a broad perspective without hostile to all of nature, good development for the present and future will be born. Many people around the world are watching and hearing news of aggression ... But he tells the military and the people that Russian powers are falsely saying that he is fighting to save the suffering of people of Russian descent. By false political propaganda that is different from the fact of aggression, many of her Russian residents have been brainwashed with the right fight to act to kill and injure her Ukrainian people. Unless the wrong information manipulation by the powerful person is eliminated ... The battle to indiscriminately kill many invaded citizens and children will not end. It's sad, but it's a reality. He is also attacking a civilian facility where movement is powerless, which many Russian soldiers thought was due to exercises ... an embarrassing action for proud military personnel. If you're a sensible soldier ... I think he's in pain because of the life-threatening actions (battles) of weak women and children in Ukraine. Many Russian soldiers realize that the barbarism of those in power is wrong, and if the number of military personnel with a heart increases, I think that reckless acts of war can be stopped. Russians currently living in Japan are suffering from false accusation around them. Russians residing in Japan, whose home country has determined that the act of killing weak people in battle is a mistake, are being prejudiced by the surroundings. If Japan is a country where there are many small Japanese who have lost their kindness and warm heart to others ... It is not much different from military personnel who are participating in false fighting acts. It is embarrassing to hurt foreigners living in Japan with incorrect information ... Japanese people are active in the world because of the kind support of the people of each country. I would like to build good human relationships and create a peaceful society without unnecessary conflicts by interacting with each other with kind feelings at home and abroad.